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Sako 85/M Rifle RH Black Bear WS DM 20


Sako 85/M Rifle RH Black Bear WS DM 20

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The Sako 85 Black Bear has a medium-contour fluted barrel, a matte black stock with soft gripping surfaces and blued action and barrel. Its light weight, compact size and good weather resistance mean it’s a perfect choice for the active hunter. The Sako 85 Black Bear is extremely well balanced, making it ideal for situations that require rapid action.

The 85 Black Bear has rapid target acquisition iron sights with a full rear sight line and bead, and a fluted barrel with a swivel band.

Black Laminated Stock
Controlled cartridge feed
Non-Reflecting Barrel Finish
Two Row Stainless Steel Magazine
Two-Way Sako Safety
Rapid Tagret Acquisition Iron Sights
Adjustable Steel Trigger