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smokesignalSmoke signals

We would love to watch the skyline, but unfortunately Pretoria is too polluted, so we have to stick to e-mail and telephone.


You can use

If you would like to make suggestions on how we improve our service, or just want to talk to the boss, please use


If you like talking to us – and we would love to talk to you – use the phone and call us on 012 – 349 1662 or on 012 – 349 5222 (that is +27 12 349 1662 or +27 12 349 5222 from outside South Africa).   Sometimes the phone gets a little busy as we have lots of clients – so please be patient or send us an e-mail.

driveIf you want to bring us biltong

  • Building 1A, Persequor Close,
    49 De Havilland Crescent,
    Persequor Techno Park,

gpsGPS (Try  WAZE or GOOGLE and Zimbi – they know us)

  • Co-ordinates 25° 44. 733′ and 28° 16. 473′