6.5X57 Mauser

The 6.5×57 cartridge looks much like the 7×57 Mauser – its parent cartridge. It is intended for use in magazine fed, bolt action rifles. There is also a rimmed version of the 6.5×57, the 6.5x57R. It was designed for use in break-open actions

The ballistics of the 6.5×57 are very similar to those of the .260 Remington. 6.5×57 ammunition is produced by RWS (Germany), Sellier & Bellot (Czech Republic), Hirtenberger (Austria). B weights include 93, 105, 120, 123-125, and 140 grains.

For the reloader without a good supply of 6.5×57 cases, the easiest way to make some is to shorten .30-06 cases and run them through a 6.5×57 forming die, then trim to a final length of 2.232″. This eliminates the need for fire forming, which is required if 7×57 cases are used. It is the slightly different shoulder set .046″ farther forward on the 6.5×57 case that creates the need to fire form necked down 7×57 brass.

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