If you don’t like it

If you bought something from us and you do not like it

We try our best to negotiate with suppliers to get the best deal for you and we pass the gains on to you.   When we sell a product to you, it is subject to the supplier’s warranties and guarantees.

The Consumer Protection Act outlines your and our responsibilities if something goes wrong.

Our lawyers (the guys we told you are not cheap) recommends that you and us stick to the Consumer Protection Act and we would like to believe them.

If you have bought something from us that is faulty or does not meet your requirements we will abide by the act.   When such an unfortunate event happens (and sometimes it does), please remember that we sell products as opposed to manufacture them.   Please keep in mind that the costs of sending or returning products when you are unhappy with your purchase will be for your account.

If you return something to us that is not broken we will take a 25% handling fee.   We think this is reasonable as it takes a lot of effort to get the product to you.   As we are not the courier company we will not be able to refund courier costs.