If you can’t collect it

Your responsibility

Our lawyers (and judging by their rates – they have to be very clever) tell us that items become yours when you take ownership.  Unfortunately South Africa works on the Dutch Roman legal system and neither the Dutch nor the Romans had the internet or couriers.    So in the the event that you buy something from us on the internet, we say goodbye to your purchases when it leaves our store.     We would strongly suggest that you take out insurance for when your goods leave the store.   Should you choose not to do so – we can unfortunately not be held liable.

So by the way – please remember to pay us – and it has to reflect in our bank accounts – before we send it to you.

Our responsibility

We say goodbye to your purchase as it leaves our store (and obviously after we have your money).   We will provide you with a tracking number and we will share with you what we have been told by the courier company.    However, our responsibility ceases when your item leaves our store.

How we send it

Using one courier unfortunately does not work as some of our clients are in very remote areas.    We will use the shipping method that works best for you (especially as you will be paying for it).
If you buy a licensed item from us, we have to stick to the legal requirement and can only send this to you in South Africa using RAM couriers.

What it will cost you

We are not in the business to make money off sending items to you and we would like to be fair about it.   We will confirm with your shipment company of choice (we may recommend cheaper ones) and let you know how much they will charge you.

Sometimes we will pick up the shipping costs

For that reason we will cover the costs for your shipping to your address in South Africa if your order exceeds R2 500.    This apply when we use a Postnet to Postnet service.     Where there is no Postnet, or where you would prefer the convenience of a delivery to your front door, this charge will be for your account and will be additional to your purchase.   Our free courier services will also not apply to items for international destinations, items on promotion, packages heavier than 5 kg, bulky packages or licensed items.   For any of the above we will get a quote and let you know what it will cost.  If you want to do the admin, you are also welcome to arrange your own courier services.