What we know about you

Your information and what we do with it (at least the parts you share with us)

We will try our best and take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information (as our government has explained in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA)) as well as the  Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2013.  We furthermore also comply with the Electronic Communications and Transaction Act, No. 25 of 2002.   

We electronically, or other wise, collect, store and use the following (or at least a subset of the following) information about you:

  • Your name and surname (or at least the ones you give us);
  • When you celebrate your birth date (and if we remember we may send you good wishes or a gift);
  • Your gender (its got nothing to do with us, but we may want to know);
  • The country where you live;
  • Your closest city;
  • Your e-mail address (or if you have more than one, then some or all of them);
  • Your mobile number (so that we can call you at midnight to tell you about the amazing hunt we have just been on);
  • Your IP address; (that is where in the world you are using your computer – just in case you told your mother in law that you are in the office);
  • The operating system on your device as well as the browser you use (our clever web site needs this to best display stuff to you);
  • Your ID number / passport number (in case we need to hunt you down).

Our clever web site also use cookies (not the kind you eat), to keep information about how you access our web site and what you look at, etc.    By using our web site you agree to us collecting and keeping these cookies. 

We require the above information to be legally compliant (in case where the law requires us to keep the information), or to improve how we help you, or to send you information via our email service about new and exciting things we have. 

By having provided us with this information (either via our very helpful and knowledgeable staff in our store or via our fabulous web-site) we take it that you have given your consent that you agree with and comply with the information provided here.   Since the stuff we sell are mostly not for use by children, we also assume that by having provided your information, you hve checked your id number to make sure that you are older than 18 years of age.    Should you got the math wrong, and you are not yet 18, you will be required to do business with us under supervision of your guardian (that is the person looking after you, which will need to be older than 18 years of age).   If someone does look after you then by entering into a transaction with us, they provide their consent to us that they have understood and complied with what is on this page.    (Does all this legal stuff not get very boring to you too ?)

Once we collect information about you, we may either store it in a secure electronic format, or in a written register (where the law requires us to do so).   When we store it electronically, it is on a secure server in a hosted facility (in other words – we pay someone good money to keep it safe.    As you can see, we try really hard to comply.  However, hackers sometimes are more clever than all of us, and hence we can unfortunately not guarantee that after all we have done that no one can get to it. 

Once you provide your information to us, we will protect it – as required by the act – and we will only use it for the purposes for which you have provided it to us.     So once again, by giving it to us, you agree to everything we tell you on this page.    

We will also keep your information only for as long as we need to have it to meet the legal requirements for which we keep it.    And that being said, if you feel that you do not want to hear from us, let us know and we will immediately remove your information (within the prescriptions of the law).

When we need to send something to you via courier or another third party, we will need to share your information with them.    They need this info to get your stuff to you.   We will only share the necessary info and they in return also need to comply with all the legislation, so you should be OK.

As we run a business, we may need to change some of the stuff on this page as required.   It is your responsibility to make sure that you regularly visit and read this page.

Zimbi, Unit 1A, Persequor Close, 49 De Havilland Crescent, Persequor Park, Pretoria.