What we know about you

Your information and what we do with it (at least the parts you share with us)

We will try our best and take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information (as our government has explained in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA)).

We electronically collect, store and use the following (or at least a subset of the following) information about you:

  • Your name and surname (or at least the ones you give us);
  • When you celebrate your birth date (and if we remember we may send you good wishes or a gift);
  • Your gender (its got nothing to do with us, but we may want to know);
  • The country where you live;
  • Your closest city;
  • Your e-mail address (or if you have more than one, then some or all of them);
  • Your mobile number (so that we can call you at midnight to tell you about the amazing hunt we have just been on);
  • Your IP address; (that is where in the world you are using your computer – just in case you told your mother in law that you are in the office);
  • Your ID number / passport number (in case we need to hunt you down).
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Your Information will never be shared with any third party.