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Smith and Wesson Six Guns of the Old West Hardcover


Smith and Wesson Six Guns of the Old West Hardcover

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Dave writes in a straight-ahead, clear style derived from his many years as a gunsmith. Basically he writes with the same care and precision he uses in his repairs and restorations, which are works of art. The photos and drawings (many of the latter by his son) are all well done and to the point of the text. The volume itself is expertly printed and bound and is sure to last.

If you are researching, repairing or are just curious about one of the S&W six guns that Dave covers you will find all you need to know in this volume. His histories of the development of the various models are entertaining, as well as useful to the researcher. The repair text and illustrations are step-by-step. If you run into problems (like a stuck screw), he covers how to deal with that. If you just like a good read about some of the under-appreciated but significant firearm designs and the people who used them in the old west, then get this book.

My criteria for the importance of a tome like this is how greasy it gets as I consult it at my workbench while in the middle of a repair or maybe just exploring one of the antiques detailed in its pages. In Dave’s case my copy of his first book (Gunsmithing Guns of the Old West) is well stained. I expect this equally useful second book will also grow very grimy in proportion to its usefulness.


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