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Warne 604M 1 inch Tactical Ultra High Matte Rings


Warne 604M 1 inch Tactical Ultra High Matte Rings

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Warne Tactical Rings are engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions and situations of tactical shooting applications. Precision CNC machined steel provides strength, ductility and the durability you have come to expect from Warne Scope Mounts. The Maxima Tactical Rings have three primary differences from the rest of the Warne line of rings; a 22% wider body for additional clamping around the scope tube and the mounting base, a 1/2″ hex nut for clamping the ring to the base that easily accepts the Mil-Spec 65 in/lb. of torque; and lastly, the addition of up to eight T-15 Torx style body screws, depending on the ring model for superior holding power.


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