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Tracer Tri Star Pro Kit Gun Lamp


Tracer Tri Star Pro Kit Gun Lamp

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This high performance HAWKE Tracer Tri-Star Pro Gun Light Kit (GL2951) combined with sophisticated circuitry is capable of producing an impressive and powerful 300m Beam.

LED’s can take a massive amount of punishment. They do not burn out or fail like conventional torch bulbs and are less vulnerable to impact damage if you drop the torch.

The Tri-Star Pro Gun Light has Intelligent Internal Electronics that designed to provide a constant current output extending battery life and maintaining brightness for longer.

With the built in Tracer fuel gauge you can check the power level remaining in the battery. A touch of the button shows how much energy remains and whether you need to recharge.

Just 1/4 of the weight of a traditional sealed lead acid battery, this 4Ah. 12V lithium polymer battery pack weighs just 360g and will easily fit in a coat pocket or clip to your belt. Gone are the days of carrying heavy lead-acid batteries. You won’t believe the difference!