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Roaming With a Rifle (limited signed edition)


Roaming With a Rifle (limited signed edition)

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Roaming With a Rifle (limited signed edition) – Callender

This book is appropriately titled because the author is known as someone always ready to go roaming with his rifle. Congo (French), Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia – all have seen the author coming in search of hunting and trophies. There are also two trips outside the Dark Continent, to Tajikistan for Marco Polo sheep and the Canadian arctic for polar bear. However, buffalo are one of the author’s favorite game animals and there are plenty of buffalo hunting stories in this book. There is also the fleeting flash of a leopard, ramblings after plains game and the ghost of the savanna. The sixteen chapters in this book will delight readers and collectors alike.