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RCBS Trimmer Collet (90370)


RCBS Universal Prep Centre (90370)

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Material: Die cast metal with hardened cutting blades, plastic case around the case preparation unit
Collets Used: No, has universal shellholder that will accommodate cases with rim diameters between .250″ to .625″
Collets Included: No, does not require the use of collets
Pilots Used: RCBS case trimmer pilots
Pilots Included: Yes, 22 Caliber, 24 Caliber, 25 Caliber, 27 Caliber, 28 Caliber, 30 Caliber, 35 Caliber, 44 Caliber and 45 Caliber pilots. 45 caliber pilot is primarily designed to work with pistol cases but will also work for rifle calibers.
Voltage: 110 Volt


  • Powered by a powerful 24 volt DC Motor
  • Unit produces 9 inch-pounds of torque
  • RPM output of the trimmer shaft is user adjustable
  • Six stations for case preparation: four stations provide 360 RPM, while the other two provide 550 RPM
  • Spring Loaded Case Feeding System for Hands-free trimming
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Micrometer Adjustment


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