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Peregrine VRG 1 50CAL 500GR CUSTOM (10)


Peregrine VRG 1 50CAL 500GR CUSTOM (10)

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Big bore bolt action rifles.The VRG-1: MP BT-B PEREGRINE™ MONO-METAL solid bullet is designed for dangerous game bolt-action rifles. This is a platinum-class brass alloy bullet with a large meplat design – the ultimate dangerous game stopper with increased knockdown – and will ensure a remarkable wound-channel with larger entry/exit holes than the bullet diameter, resulting in better blood trails.   We understand that whilst hunting big and dangerous game, one’s life depends on one’s equipment – the most critical part being the bullet. No matter what one shoots through, or whatever the bullet’s intended course through the target may be, the bullet may not, under any circumstances, deflect, bend, break, fragment, fail or change its course – there should be no excuses. When your life is in our hands, we supply the platinum bullet!Big game rifles generate extreme pressures, when hunting in Africa at low altitudes in hot and humid conditions. The PEREGRINE™ bullet generates less pressures and less recoil – a life-saver! Due to its unique design, it outperforms its competitors by almost 50 ft/sec. in magnum rifles. It will neither deform nor deflect upon bone impact, staying on coarse – ultimately reaching the vitals. Actual tests were performed on thick-skinned and -boned animals throughout the upper- and lower velocity ranges. A straight wound channel with superior penetration was achieved and a 100% weight retention was measured at all times upon bullet recovery. All back-up/follow-up shots should be taken with mono-metal solids, without exception