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Out Of Bullets


Out Of Bullets

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A five-ton elephant swishes its tail, lowers its bulldozer-size forehead, and broadsides into the hunting vehicle of the author and his PH, Roy Carr-Hartley. So starts Johnny Chilton’s second book on his African, Asian, and North American hunting adventures. When Chilton went to Africa, he did not go to Tanzania as a mere client on a three-week hunt-no, he worked for an outfitter for an entire season, experiencing safaris from the inside out and, thus, giving himself plenty of adventures to write about. Hold your breath as you follow the rescue of a bird dog down a 56-foot dry well, and, switching continents, blaze after the author on an exploratory safari to a region of Tanzania barely ever hunted. Whether it is a deadly encounter with a mamba that ends in a race against time, a coin flip for an ibex hunt that turns mortally dangerous, or the best-of-the-year award from FNAWS for a Stone sheep, all of Chilton’s tales will leave you wanting for more. Unique to this book is the inclusion of several stories of fiction, including “A Mamba by Any Other Name.” Johnny Chilton is a born raconteur, and if you liked A Bullet Well Placed, you’ll love the stories in his latest work, for his stories are riveting.