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Lyman 2 Die Set 30-30 Win


Lyman 2 Die Set 30-30 Win

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Set consists of a full length resizing die with decapping stem and neck expanding button and a bullet seating die.
These die sets are the reloader’s best choice for loading jacketed bullets in bottlenecked rifle cases.
For those who load cast bullets, we suggest the addition of a neck expanding die, available separately.

Lyman Precision Die Sets are crafted on state of the art computer controlled equipment insuring that each die is perfectly dimensioned. Each rifle sizing die is vented to prevent trapped air that can damage cartridge cases, polished, heat treated for toughness and then receives a final micro-finish polish for extra smoothness. Lyman 2 die rifle sets are perfect for loading jacketed bullets in bottleneck cases. Includes full length sizing die and bullet seating die with a roll crimp. 7/8″-14 threads to fit all popular presses. Shellholder sold separately.