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LEICA ER 3.5-14X42 (51033)


LEICA ER 3.5-14X42 (51033)

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Leica ER 3.5-14×42 1x ASV is despite its small dimensions and acceptable mass a superb riflescope for long distance shooting, which can be very handful at mountain hunting or hunting where is impossible to get close to the game. Regards to its optical quality this riflescope does not have any competitors in his class. The acronym ASV marks an open turret for accurate reticle setting. TheLeica ER series of riflescopes have been designed as a first chance for this famous optical manufacturer to enter into the world of shooting optics in the 21. Century and because of that we can write some superlatives about this Leica ER series. There is no point to praise the optical quality of Leica manufacturer, because there is hard to exceed their quality. As important as optical quality of these LeicaER series riflescopes to the designers, the robustness of construction and also the housing was very important also. The aim has been to create a superb robust housing but maintain the weight low and dimension small. Riflescopes from LeicaER series can also commend with the longest mounting length in their class and superb outer lens coatings for repulsionof water droplets as well as dust.

30mm Tube
Side-Mounted Parallax Knob
LeicaPlex Reticle