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Hunting The African Elephant – The Complete Guide (DVD)


Hunting The African Elephant – The Complete Guide (DVD)

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Hunting The African Elephant – The Complete Guide (DVD) – Buzz Charleton

There is far more to hunting elephant then the presupposed walking up to one, taking aim and pulling the trigger. This DVD thoroughly prepares one for the hunt and for the appreciation of the animal and the challenges in taking one. The chapters provide an in depth look at elephant behavior, critical anatomy,and hunting technique. It has an unvarnished review of good and bad shots on elephant showing bullet placement as it happened and whether it was optimal or poor. The author includes interviews with famous elephant hunters to provide a historical perspective of hunting the African elephant. Hunting ele can involve prolonged stalking under rigorous conditions. Knowing what to expect and preparing for it will make the hunt richer and more meaningful.

For the non-hunter, this DVD provides a straight forward introduction to this form of hunting. Elephant hunting is necessary as elephants can easily outstrip their food supply crashing not only their population but compromising other species. I have seen first hand the destruction of habitat from overgrazing by elephant which can take decades to restore. Moneys collected from hunting directly aid the local populations and reduce poaching.

This is not a glitzy production. It provides the needed information in a solid well paced presentation form. For anyone thinking of hunting elephant, this is a very worthwhile purchase.