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HORNADY 338 250GR BTHP MATCH (50) (33361)


HORNADY 338 250GR BTHP MATCH (50) (33361)

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Hornady .338 CAL 250 gr BTHP MATCH

Hornady Match projectiles feature the revolutionary AMP jacket, which stands for Advanced Manufacturing Process. Thanks to the engineers at Hornady this advanced design produces the most concentric jackets on the market today. These exceptional bullets are accurate and provide you with superior consistency, with high BC’s and unprecedented levels of accuracy.

Specifications and Features:
Hornady Match Projectile 33361
Secant Ogive Profile
Swaged Lead Core
AMP Jacket
Boat Tail

.338 Caliber
.338″ Diameter
250 Grain Boat Tail Hollow Point
Ballistic Coefficient 0.670
Sectional Density 0.313
50 Count Per Box