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Confirmed Kill


Confirmed Kill

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Elite snipers — with their deadly aim, iron nerves, killer instincts and unwavering courage — play a more critical role in modern military missions than ever before. Confirmed Kill accurately recounts the heroic actions of the world’s deadliest snipers, from the one-on-one duel between a U.S. Marine sniper and his North Vietnamese counterpart that ended with a miracle shot straight through the Vietcong soldier’s gun scope, to the shot fired from a mountain ridge in Afghanistan that dropped an unsuspecting Taliban fighter over a mile away. Confirmed Kill details the missions of the most legendary snipers:

Chuck Mawhinney — Marine with 103 Vietnam War Confirmed Kills
Adelbert Waldron — U.S. Record Holder with 109 Confirmed Kills
Timothy Kellner — Army Sergeant with More Than 100 Confirmed Kills in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Craig Harrison — British Corporal with the World-Record Kill Shot at 2,707 Yards