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Chrony F1 Chronograph

The Shooting Chrony F1 Chronograph measures the speed of bullets and other projectiles from 30 to 7000 fps. It can be mounted on a tripod or placed on a table. The Shooting Chrony F1 Chronograph features a large display that shows numbered shot velocities. Includes a jack for use with an optional Chrony Ballistic Printer (sold separately).


  • Made of 20 gauge steel.
  • Has a large LCD-readout, 1/2″ high.
  • Has an adjustable size, triangular shooting area from 8″ to 14-1/2″.
  • The sides of the triangular shooting areas are made of wire-rods; the top of the triangle is formed by a 2″ wide x 1/8″ thick strip of tough, Hi-density polyethylene plastic.
  • Gives numbered shot velocities.
  • Velocity stays on display until you shoot again.


  • Not for use with Neon or other flourescent lighting, as they flicker at twice the AC frequency and cause false readings.
  • For indoor use, a light-diffuser and an incandescent light source must be located above each photo-sensor.
  • Use an Indoor Shooting Light Fixture.