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Become the Arrow


Become the Arrow

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Become the Arrow

The first review and the title of this book are misleading. There is not anything really mystical, or zen-like about it.

It does gives the traditional archer a great tool for improving accuracy…which is why you should be buying the book in the first place (not for spiritual guidance like the reviewer below wanted!! LoL).

Byron covers the “gap” aiming method in detail, and what I feel is the most important part of the book: equipment tuning. If your equipment is not tuned properly you will never know if you missed due to shot execution or equipment problems. Get tuned first, then you can start to eliminate all of your form/aiming problems.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was the “become the arrow” part. This comes after you have learned the gap method. It basically boiled down to visualizing the trajectory of your arrow before you shoot. Well, visualization never worked much for me, not to mention, it’s hard to visualize something that you can’t see until it’s 20 yards away.