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A Life On Safari


A Life On Safari

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A Life on Safari – Geoff Broom /Craig Boddington

Geoff Broome was still a boy when his father took him in close for his first buffalo – with an old Enfield spotter in .303.  He wasn’t much older when he began doing control work on marauding elephants.  In the half century plus ten years that have passed, Geoff Broome has hunted both for himself and professionally, from the top to the bottom go the African continent.  He has explored what little remains of Darkest Africa, pioneering safari areas, establishing game-management programs and hosting generations of clients on the adventures of their lifetimes.

To African enthusiasts, the name “Geoff Broome” needs no introduction.  For decades he has been among the best known, most admired and most loved of Africa’s safari operators.  For his many clients he started as a stranger, but always finished as a lifelong friend.  Anyone who has ever met Geoff Broome will always smile upon recalling his traditional Matabele greeting: “Are you strong, like a buffalo bull?”

After a half century on safari, lesser men become jaded, remaining in the business for the paycheck alone.  Geoff Broome has remained for the love of the game, for the friendship of his clients and trackers, and for true love of the African wilderness and it’s bountiful wildlife.

I have hunted with many professional hunters, but i have never seen as much pure joy a I have seen in Geoff Broome’s eyes when he sees a fine animal and pronounces, “Lovely, just lovely.”  Not all of our readers will have the privilege of meeting Geoff Broome, but all will come to know him, admire him, share his respect for Africa’s wildlife and understand the special experience of a safari led by Geoff Broome.  He has truly enjoyed “a life on safari,” shared generously with his family and many friends, and now with all of us.