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Blaser R93 Professional Rifle Success Synthetic Stock


Blaser R93 Professional Rifle Success Synthetic Stock

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Hunting may be one of the oldest aspirations of mankind, but we always have to prepare for new challenges. It is important that we continually refine our equipment and pioneer new technology. This is our passion.Everybody who works at Blaser shares the same enthusiasm for hunting. But we all have different talents. It is the diversity of personalities and seamless blend of skills that empower the company’s continued success.Manufacturing rifle parts from a whole solid piece guarantees quality, reliability and durability. Intricate production processes on high-end CNC machines ensure minimal tolreances and consistent shooting precision.Whether it is high-grade steel, light metal alloy or precious walnut, in the hands of a Blaser gunsmith they turn into a piece of beauty and lasting value. This commitment to excellence makes every Blaser firearm a legacy for generations to come.

R93 Manual Cocking System
Straight Pull Bolt Action
Direct Triggers
Robust Action and Barrel Finish
Bavarian Cheeck Piece
Original Blaser Saddle Mount(NOT included)