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45 ACP HS2000 Pistol Tactical Manual SAF S/S


45 ACP HS2000 Pistol Tactical Manual SAF S/S

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It is, by modern standards, a typical service pistol. Glock was the first to popularize the plastic-framed striker fired high-capacity pistol, and the XD is a twist on the theme. Rather than the Glock’s so-called “Safe Action” design, whereby the trigger stroke completes the retraction and release of the firing pin to discharge the weapon, the XD operates with a fully cocked striker, and thus would ordinarily be classed as a “single-action” design.

However, in terms of what your index finger feels, the pull is similar to a Glock in that there is a pivoting trigger lever which helps, but does not preclude (more on that later), negligent discharges and then a fairly “springy” and slightly creepy striker fall. Both pistols have automatic firing pin locks (spring-loaded plungers), while the XD also adds a 1911-style grip safety that prevents the trigger being pulled unless depressed.

The XD “Tactical” is named for the preference of most military and police units’ desire for a full-length 5” barrel, which is what the test pistol has. The barrel also had more typical lands and grooves, rather than the Glock or HK “polygon type,” meaning inexpensive cast lead bullets of sufficient hardness can be used to reduce practice cost, if at the “price” of somewhat inferior gas seal and 5% less velocity for a given barrel length.