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40 S&W HS2000 Pistol Tactical 5″ Green


Known in the U.S. as the Springfield extreme duty.

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The HS2000 is short-recoil operated, locked-breech pistol with a polymer frame. The barrel locks to the slide with a single large lug which engages the ejection port. Unlocking and locking is controlled by a cam-shaped lug which interacts with a steel insert pinned to the frame. If the insert becomes worn or damaged, any competent gunsmith can easily replace it. The dual return spring arrangement is of the captive type; when assembled, the front of a spring guide rod projects slightly forward from the front of the slide; Springfield advertising literature calls this a “muzzle protector”, but the original text of patent WO02059539, published in August 01, 2002 and granted to the Croatian design team, describes the reason for this feature as to “enable firing the bullet when the pistol is pushed towards someone’s back”.


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