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Voere LBW Rifle M/Zivil


Voere LBW Rifle M/Zivil

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LBWStandard Switch Barrel rifle with excellent value
LBWLuxury / FCarbine Features in addition to those in the Standard: Manual cocking, high-quality stock with detachable sling swivel / optional: full stock “Stutzen”
LBW TakeDown Features in addition to those in the Standard and Luxury: detachable Stock with latching mechanism, robust case, pre-mounted scope bases, manual cocking system
LBWCarbon Aditional features:
Carbon barrel for Hunting or Varmint – only in combiation with GRS stock or Soft-touch Varmint stock

Light weight
Open sight
Well balanced
Direct Trigger optional: Set-Trigger or Two-Stage Trigger