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Winchester Model 70 Rifle Stealth


Winchester Model 70 Rifle Stealth

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e Winchester model 70 Stealth is a direct replacement for their older “Heavy Varminter” and is advertised as a varmint rifle. But the solid black stock and matte black finish on all exposed parts lends itself well to tactical use. I figure this is the “politically correct” way USRA could build a tactical rifle. What ever the case, its a very nice entry level tactical rifle, and some think its the same as the FN Special Police. The quality of the rifles are fairly high for a production rifle, and accuracy is averaging around .65 MOA for these rifles with match ammo, with the typical rifles shooting between .5 and 1 MOA. That is the one big down side to mass produced rifles, you get a great rifle followed by a bad rifle, so be forewarned. The things I do not like about the Stealth is that it does not have the palm swell (like the Remington 700P) and it uses the push feed 70 action, I would prefer their claw feed, but the model 70 action is still a good action. I also prefer the wider trigger that is standard on the Remington rifles. Overall, the rifle is good and will perform as well as Remington and maybe even savage out of the box. There is a new serious player in the low end tactical rifle field.