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Sako 85/XS Hunter Rifle Blued


Sako 85/XS Hunter Rifle Blued

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Calling the Sako 85 Hunter a standard is a serious understatement. It comes with world-class Sako features, including the legendary Sako accuracy, smooth bolt operation and perfect balance, making it a valued rifle to both own and shoot. The Sako 85 Hunter features a walnut stock and is available with blued or stainless metal parts. Pistol Grip and Controlled cartridge feed. The prestigious antique-style brass inlay on pistol grip finalizes the graceful lines of Sako 85 Hunter.
Non-Reflecting Barrel Finish
Two Row Stainless Steel Magazine
Two-Way Sako Safety
Adjustable Iron Sights(Optional)
Adjustable Steel Trigger


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