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Sako Quad Rifle RH Hun Pro ONS


Sako Quad Rifle RH Hun Pro ONS

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The barrel change only takes a few seconds: Just insert a tool, turn it three full circles, and tilt the barrel upwards while pulling out the action. Then simply insert another barrel, and possibly change caliber. This makes the Sako Quad extremely versatile – and its accuracy is phenomenal. Corresponding barrels have individual serial numbers. However, the Sako Quad is no ordinary rimfire: It is a small bore hunting and training firearm that functions as its own system, complete with several options to choose between.


Each Sako Quad caliber has unique characteristics and is designed for a specific targeting purpose. Calibers are 17 Mach 2, another version of the popular 22 LR;22 LR, the universal caliber for target shooting and close-range small game hunting; 17 HMR, a high velocity varmint cartridge with excellent ballistics up to 150 yards; 22 WMR, the most powerful Sako Quad caliber – an excellent small game and varmint cartridge.

Both barrels and magazines are color-coded and marked to indicate matching pairs.