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Ultimate Sniper III: The Video


Ultimate Sniper III: The Video

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Ultimate Sniper III: The Video

NEW!  Premier sniping authority John Plaster returns in this third installment of his best-selling Ultimate Sniper video series. Joining Plaster in this exclusive video from Paladin Press are record-holding long-range snipers Steve Reichert, Rob Furlong and Jim Gilliland. Together with Plaster, these world-class snipers show you just what it takes to win on today’s battlefields. Drawing on their extensive knowledge of current tactics and techniques used by the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, these snipers reveal the skills and mindset needed to be a successful modern-day sniper, the marksmanship fundamentals and state-of-the-art equipment used by U.S. snipers, how to design and conduct practical shooting drills for long-range efficiency, the training and strategy used by enemy forces, and the very real threats faced by U.S. sniper teams everyday. Learn how the stopping power of the .50-caliber and other precision sniper rifles, combined with the astonishing skills of this newest generation of snipers, has redefined how we fight and prevail against the forces of terror. This video is a must for any serious student of sniping or military combat.


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