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Swiss Magazine Loading Rifles 1869 to 1958 (soft cover)


Swiss Magazine Loading Rifles 1869 to 1958 (soft cover)

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Swiss Magazine Loading Rifles 1869 to 1958 (soft cover) – Poyer Joe

The Swiss Magazine Loading Rifles, 1869-1958 Switzerland was the first country to adopt a magazine repeating rifle, doing so in 1869. The Vetterli rifle, named after its designer, Friedrich Vetterli, combined the features of the Winchester Model 1866 repeating rifle and the Dreyse needle fire rifle. In 1889, the Vetterli was replaced by the line of rifles based on the design of Rudolph Schmidt and the ammunition design of Eduard Rubin. The Schmidt-Rubin rifles remained in service with the Swiss military until 1958. They have become very popular collectible rifles. They are also extremely accurate and make some of the finest target rifles in the world.

Currently being imported in large numbers with a plentiful supply of ammunition, they are inexpensive and great fun to shoot.

The Swiss Magazine Loading Rifles, 1869-1958 is another in the North Cape Publications series of “For Collectors Only” books. It includes a short history of the development, production and use of both rifles as well as a detailed, part-by-part analysis that will enable the collector to determine the authenticity of his or her rifle or carbine.

The Vetterli was produced in sixteen various models and the Schmidt-Rubin in eight. Certain parts are interchangeable between models and the collector can use this book to determine if the parts on his or her rifle or carbine are correct by examining the codes, markings, design and finish of each part and comparing them to the descriptions in the book and to the serial number charts included.

In addition, chapters and appendices describe ammunition for both models, disassembly/assembly, repairs and maintenance and shooting as well as specific sections on markings, codes and serial numbers.

The Swiss Magazine Loading Rifles, 1869 to 1958 is the only book that has ever been written in English about these fine rifles.