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At age 60, during the late nineteenth century, William Chapman began writing down his memoirs in the form of engaging, enjoyable diary entries. Nearly a century later, Nicol Stassen took it upon himself to complete this fascinating text for publication, resulting in a romping, humorous read, carefully annotated for the modern reader. William Champan grew up in Cape Town, but being bent on following the life his father had led and following his ambition of becoming a big game hunter, was determined to go to Damaraland in search of adventure. Urged by a desire to see the hunting fields, the forests, the game, and everything he had read of in books of travel, Chapman left Table Bay for Walvis Bay in 1874. Following his experiences and engagements not only in hunting, but also in transport riding, road building, cattle farming, agriculture, gold prospecting and as an agent for the supply of wagons, Chapman’s diary entries offer a unique insight into a life filled with fascinating encounters and intrepid journeys. These diary entries, combined with extensive research by Nicol Stassen, make for a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era.