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Professional Hunter Along The Roads To Adventure


Professional Hunter Along The Roads To Adventure

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Among the cast of characters that played a part in the growth of big game hunting in Central (and East) Africa, Robert Montvoisin is one of the stars. His involvement, over an amazing almost 60 years-40 of them as a professional-in 8 countries (Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Cameroon, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Morocco) rivals the careers of any PH in Africa. He hunted in Kenya with and for the noted Captain Laddy Wincza, in Zambia with the popular David Ommanney, and in Tanzania in the Selous Reserve. He was one of the first to hunt Africa in her golden era and one of the last to experience the joys of hunting when phenomenal game populations existed. Elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, bongo and Lord Derby eland-from the forest galleries to the savannas, desert and lake regions.