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Pro Shot Tactical 223 Pull Through


Pro Shot Tactical 223 Pull Through

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The new Pro-Shot Tactical Gun Cleaning Kits use the Pull-Thru method, similar but different from the Bore Snake gun cleaning system. With the Pro-Shot Kit, you have a cable with separate jag and brush ends. This gives the same versatility as gun cleaning with a cleaning rod, but it’s completely portable for field use. The secret to the Pro-Shot Tactical Cleaning Kit is a specially designed pull-thru jag. See the photo of the spear tip on the threaded shank of the jag. This lets you spear a regular cotton cleaning patch onto the jag. You just screw the jag and patch onto the end of the pull cable and pull the close fitting jag through your barrel. The brush works the same way. Pro-Shot has developed an all-in-one cleaner and lubricant that’s included in the kit along with the pull cable, detachable handle, bronze bore brush, jag, patches, and carrying case.