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Peregrine VRG 3 270/277 130GR (50)


Peregrine VRG 3 270/277 130GR (50)

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Big bore and smaller calibre rifles hunting (bolt action or double) in the thicket.

Any type of game hunting – expanding bullets with similar ballistics than VRG2:

  • Industry leader. The top class bullet for bush-veld hunting.
  • Pin-point accuracy, precision manufactured tip.
  • With precision “brass initiator/plunger” to greatly enhance nose expansion and mushroom forming at low and high bullet velocity.
  • Smooth expansion without bending or fragmenting.
  • Consistent and predictable expansion and weight retention. Excellent expansion down to 1600fps guaranteed.
  • Can be shot at much higher velocities than jacketed bullets. Ideal for Magnum type rifles.
  • Bone-breaking ability.
  • Dramatically reduced meat damage in comparison with lead-core bullets.
  • Increased velocity and less recoil in comparison with lead-core bullets.
  • Ideal for hunting in dense bush. Limited deflection trough the thicket.
  • Excellent application for “double rifle” hunting in combination with twin VRG2 non expanding bullet.
  • Available from .22 caliber up to 577NE