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Mike Hoare’s Adventures in Africa


Mike Hoare’s Adventures in Africa

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It has been said that Mike Hoare’s middle name is Adventure, and his most memorable adventures have occurred in Africa.

Hoare was born in India to Irish parents and educated in England. He emigrated to Africa in 1948 and fell in love with the vast wilderness. Long before he became known as a mercenary leader in the Congo and Seychelles, he was exploring the interior of Africa in search of adventure and knowledge. This book takes you along on some of his most amazing journeys:

  • Traveling from the Cape of Good Hope to Cairo on a motorcycle
  • Retracing the steps of the Victorian explorers seeking the source of the storied Nile
  • Searching for the lost city of the Kalahari
  • Tracking the mysterious and enigmatic giant ape, Ufiti, to determine if the creature really existed
  • Sailing the treacherous waters of the Indian Ocean in Colin Archer
  • Trekking in Basutoland (now Lesotho)
  • Racing against time (and historic floods) to save the lives of his wife and two workers who had contracted “the Fever” in the remote Okavango Delta

Mike Hoare was fortunate to arrive in Africa at a time when grand adventures (and misadventures) were still possible. As he recounts his forty-plus years in Africa, Hoare shares with the reader his deep reverence for the land and the people who call it home, as well as little-known tidbits of history. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Africa with one of its most adventurous and eloquent scribes.