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Masodja – Alexandre Binda

Originally formed as The Rhodesia Native Regiment during World War I, this fine regiment first saw action in East Africa, pitted against the wily von Lettow-Vorbeck and his army of German askaris. Disbanded and later reformed, the regiment was to distinguish itself during World War II in the Burma campaign. Using the counter-insurgency experience gleaned from the Malayan Campaign of the 1950s, the RAR provided the frontline troops in the battle for Rhodesia in that country’s bitter
civil war of the 1960s and 1970s. Commissioned by the RAR Association (UK).

Contents include:

* The formation of the Rhodesia Native Regiment

* RNR operations in East Africa during WWI

* Armistice and the disbandment of the RNR

* The formation of the RAR

* The RAR in the Burma campaign

* The RAR in the Malayan Emergency

* The Nyasaland Emergency

* The RAR in the Rhodesian bush war