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Kill Shot The 15 Deadliest Snipers


Kill Shot The 15 Deadliest Snipers

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Perched on a rooftop or lying camouflaged in a grassy field, snipers are the most feared soldiers on the frontline. But only the elite few possess what it takes to be a top trigger man—deadly aim, iron nerves, killer instincts and unwavering courage.

From the backwoods riflemen of the American Revolution and trench sharpshooters of World War I to Marine snipers in the jungles of Vietnam and today’s top shooters in the mountains of Afghanistan, KILL SHOT details the heroic actions of the world’s most decorated snipers, including:

Simo Häyhä — World-Record 505 Kills

Lyudmila Pavlichenko — Female Sniper with 309 Kills

Josef “Sepp” Allerberger — 257 Soviet Kills

Chuck Mawhinney — 103 Vietcong Kills

Carlos Hathcock — 93 Vietcong Kills

Timothy L. Kellner — 78 Iraqi Insurgent Kills

Craig Harrison — World-Record Kill Shot—2,707 Yards