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Jam Stealer


Jam Stealer

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Peet Coetzee found himself in the military lifestyle early in his life. This occurred when his parents enlisted and he was only a oneyear-old infant. He became a career soldier and served 33 years in the SADF. His border duties started in 1968, and after that he contributed to the SADF war effort in Namibia till 1994. Read about this first-ever account of the intelligence support role that he filled, earning him the right to serve with our country’s best fighting force, the elite RECCE’S (Special Forces). Discover the interesting role that Photo Interpreters played in SADF Operations such as SAVANNAH, SCEPTIC, ASKARI and REINDEER (Cassinga). In one or other way he had insight into the most of the cross-border SADF operations conducted in those days. The highlight of his career was serving this period of 12 years in the Intelligence Support group of Special Forces. His specialised Photo Interpretation service was specifically directed to aiding the Small Team Operators. This service entailed providing accurate detailed target and route intelligence.