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Hunting Imperative LT


Hunting Imperative LT

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Richard Harland’s extraordinary story is most unusual in that he began his big-game hunting career in Zimbabwe at a very young age, shooting his first buffalo when he was fourteen and accompanied only by a tracker. Richard’s aim was to become an elephant hunter, which he did a year later under the direction of Paul Grobler. By the following year, Paul was sending him solo on elephant control. By the time he was seventeen, the game department had made Richard an honorary elephant-control officer. Richard realized the days of making a living by ivory hunting were over, and he joined the game department. He was posted to Gonarezhou in the southeastern lowveld to control elephant and buffalo in the tsetse-fly corridors. Years of incredible hunting followed, which Richard describes wonderfully, along with many fascinating observations about the people and the environment during those times. When this period came to an end, Richard spent some time catching dangerous snakes and “milking” them for their valuable venom. He then became a safari operator, guiding clients in the Chirisa, Chete, Dande, and Charara safari areas. Richard condensed a lifetime of hunting into two decades. He undoubtedly had a gift or instinct, and a passion, for hunting that is unequalled in this profession. Richard Harland was born to hunt.