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Gas Trap Garand


Gas Trap Garand

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Gas Trap Garand – Pyle B.

Whilst much been written about the M1 Garand, arguably the most respected service rifle in US history, no one has told the in-depth story of the rarest Garands of them all. The initial 80 Model Shop Rifles made under the personal supervision of John Garand in 1934 and 1935, and the first 50,000+ production gas trap M1s, manufactured at Springfield Armory between August, 1937 and August, 1940. The book contains; a historical overview of US semi automatic rifle development before and after WW1; John Garands early designs; production of the Model Shop rifles and the 50,000+ production gas traps and the changeover from Gas trap to Gas Port in August, 1940. Then a full chapter is devoted to each component assembly of the Gas Trap M1, including unique, never before published analyses of component function by the Troubleshooter; Ammunition and Clips; Accessories, Equipment and Tools; expert evaluation techniques and important caveats for collectors of early M1 Rifles; the texts of both original (March & May, 1934) M1 manuals; and a comprehensive examination of all John Garands patented inventions.