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EAW Sauer 202 1″ MOUNT SET



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Blaser has revolutionised the way rifle scopes are mounted on the rifles with their saddle mount system. The main feature of this system is that it can be found with all Blaser rifles, no matter what type or model they are. That means that Blaser succeeded to offer the same mounting solution on repeating rifles like on the R93, R8, Combination rifles like B95/97, Single Shot break rifles like K95, Drillings like D99, Bockdrillings like D14, side by side rifles like S2 and all other rifles made by Blaser.

This system is thus by far the most versatile mounting system on the market. Additional advantages that it offers are:

  • Very low mounting height of scopes with rails like Zeiss ZM/VM, Swarovski SR, S&B Convex,
  • 100% repeatability when detached and reattached,
  • small size and weight,
  • easy detaching and reattaching the scope to a rifle.

This mounting system has four notches for mounting directly on the barrel and not on the action. All mounts that attached to all four notches can be used on all types of Blaser rifles. Those mounts however that are attached only to 2 notches (most commonly these are mounting solutions for the red dot sights and reflex sights) are rifle specific. That means that MAKnetic for Docter Sight for Blaser R8 will not fit on any other Blaser rifle except R8. Such mounts are very elegant due to their small size but their versatility is limited to one specified type of Blaser rifle only.