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Delta Royale


Delta Royale

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Delta Royale – Watts Marc

As with the other Watts DVDs, we believe that the graphics, music, and editing are among the best in the industry. Our critical comment about this DVD is the amount of talk, discussions, preludes, cheerleading, PH testimonials, enticers, flashbacks, and whatnot you are subjected to before you see the actual Botswana hunting footage. Marc, cut it out already. Your DVDs are well made, and, yes, you are a good shot. Marc likes to be called Bwana Moja, which means One Shot in Swahili. That out of the way, the DVD is 2 hours and 45 min, so skip all the intro material and get straight into the hunting movie (chapter 3). Together with Botswana PH Johan Calitz, Marc tackles the big game of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Unlike some other PHs in Marc’s past, Johan is amusingly indifferent to this fast-talking former CNN reporter. As with Marc’s other DVDs, the sections are divided very much like a TV show, attesting to Marc’s background in that medium. We should mention there are short-product endorsements that occur between segments, but nothing annoying. There are many Marc Watts flashbacks, comments, and replays . . . all the time. These are a matter of taste. Some like them; others do not. While hunting in the Okavango Delta, Marc takes a red lechwe, buffalo, trophy elephant, and one hell of a damn good lion! Marc has the entire camp to himself, and several assistant PHs are out and about looking for big trophies. Calitz leaves no leaf unturned when you hunt with him. And Marc does many of his “one-shot” kills including a spectacular long-range shot on a buffalo bull. For the elephant Marc needs a few more shots. Marc, had you bought a copy of our Perfect Shot book, that wouldn’t have happened! He makes it up for this transgression with a gemsbok shot in the desert area. It was a great shot, and the head has to be seen to be believed! It is a superb trophy. Like all his other DVDs, there is a very particular style to these movies. As mentioned previously, most people either love Marc’s films or hate them. There does not seem to be much middle ground here. That said, there is no doubt the footage, narration, editing, and finishing have all been very professionally done. Running Time is 2 hours, 45 minutes.