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Death on the Run


Death on the Run

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Death on the Run – Mark Sullivan

One of the finest buffalo charges of Sullivan’s professional hunting career. Also included are truly amazing hunts for huge great maned lion, some monster leopards, old buffalo bulls & the greatest hippo charge of all time. DVD, 100 min.

November 6, 1996 is a day that I will remember forever. It is the day that I shot and killed the charging buffalo that adorns the front cover of this movie. I was hunting with Hector Gonzalez, a first time client. Upon his arrival into camp, Hector turned to me and said that it was his dream to have a buffalo charge. The events leading up to that day seemingly fell into place and Hector got his wish. I consider this to be one of the finest buffalo charges of my professional hunting career and I’ve had many of them. This hunt also illustrates perfectly my unique and often criticized manner and method of hunting dangerous game for which I make no apology. From beginning to end, you see it all!

Also included in this movie are three truly amazing hunts for huge great maned lion taken by my good friends Doug Hart, Russ Brice and Steve Milam. We also shoot some monster leopards and even more massive solitary old buffalo bulls. And if this were not enough, you will witness the greatest hippo charge of all time.

In 1993 Doug Hart came to hunt with me in the Selous Game Reserve. Nearing the end of his safari we came upon a great old rogue bull hippo resting quietly in a small pool of water. It would have been a simple matter for Doug and I to raise our rifles and kill the bull from a safe distance, but that is not how true hunters hunt. Instead, Doug and I walked shoulder to shoulder directly towards the grand warrior, to violate his personal space. The great bull rushed off at top speed only to stop, turn and charge us a second later over bare, hard ground. Life or death, for the hunter and the hunted, unfolds before you.

Death On The Run has some of the greatest kill or be killed hunting footage ever recorded. It’s an amazing movie and a must for your collection. This is also the first year that I used a .600 Nitro Express double rifle and its 900 grain bullets. The effect this gun has on game must be seen to be believed.