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Complete Surfcaster


Complete Surfcaster

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This book would be a good read for someone who never fished salt water and had little or no experience with fresh water fishing. The writing style is capable of keeping your interest, but the subject matter is far too broad to be of use to anyone who owns more than one fishing rod. Information is somewhat outdated as well (1989).
I could have done without a chapter on driving on the beach. An in-depth discussion of tides and weather would have been more welcome. I fish the Texas coast, so I really don’t need an entire chapter on staying warm and dry in waders. The brief discussion of knots and rigging would have been better if aimed at applications and techniques for various rigs rather than cursory how-to`s. No short chapter can teach you how to tie 20# test mono so it will hold a 30# fish.
The illustrations sometimes occur many pages after the text references and page references are inaccurate. Image quality is poor and many of the photographs belong in a family photo album, not in a fishing reference.
If you don’t fish and just want to take the kids to the pier during vacation this summer, get this book.