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The Capstick Hunting DVD Collection


The Capstick Hunting DVD Collection

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The Capstick Hunting DVD Collection – Capstick Peter

A quintessential adventurer reminiscent of a bygone era, Peter Capstick brings audiences face to face with the world’s most exotic and deadly creatures. Gifted with storytelling acumen, Capstick was an intrepid explorer on a quest to meet the world’s most ferocious game animals in order to recount his experiences in breathtaking detail. Capstick also shares the practical concerns of hunting big game, and in BOTSWANA SAFARI he provides essential information on what to wear, what rifles to take, the use of hunting vehicles, hunting species, what a safari camp is like, and what problems to anticipate. This collection of all six Capstick adventures also includes HUNTING THE AFRICAN ELEPHANT, HUNTING THE AFRICAN LION, HUNTING THE CAPE BUFFALO, and HUNTING THE WHITE RHINO, while in PETER CAPSTICK’S LAST SAFARI, the fearless hunter takes on the ultimate adversary: the leopard.