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The Book of Colt Paper 1834-2011


The Book of Colt Paper 1834-2011

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The Book of Colt Paper 1834-2011

Blue Book Publications Inc is proud to announce the release of its newest publication, The Book of Colt Paper 1834-2011 by John Ogle. This exciting new publication is the only book ever published on the wide variety of historical images, product catalogues and brochures and other important Colt ephemera spanning more than 175 years. Included in this landmark publication is a chapter dedicated to some of the oldest surviving images of: •Sam Colt – only five are known, and all are included •Sam Colt’s signature and business cards •The Armory – the factory that made Colt a fortune and household name throughout the world •Armsmear – Colt’s palatial estate •The Church of the Good Shepherd, funded by Elizabeth Colt at Armsmear to eulogise her late husband •Caldwell Colt’s unusual memorial building, designed to resemble a ship •Elizabeth Colt, the grandé dame of Armsmear, who outlived all of her children, siblings, and her husband Other chapters include the multitude of Colt-related printed materials, including books, brochures, pre-war and post-war catalogs, military and parts catalogues, newsletters, promotional material and even comic books! Additionally, two indexes are provided that include both a general listing of names and places, plus a separate chronological listing of important catalogues/brochures and the publishing dates. With 472 pages containing thousands of images, The Book of Colt Paper 1834-2011 is easily the most exhaustive publication ever written on this fascinating subject. Whether you are a Colt collector, dealer, investor or simply want to know more about the company that was started by one of America’s most famous inventors and entrepreneurs, The Book of Colt Paper 1834-2011 is a must-have research tool, also providing you with hours of enjoyment!


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