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Blue Book Of Modern Black Powder Arms


Blue Book Of Modern Black Powder Arms

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Blue Book Publications, Inc. is proud to announce the release of its newest publication the 7th Edition Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms by John B. Allen. This 312 page publication is the only one of its kind for up-to-date information and prices on most black powder reproductions and replicas. Most of the information in this new softcover, paper trade publication is simply not available anywhere else, at any price! Without modern black powder reproductions and replicas, many of our favorite television shows and movies would have been almost impossible to make, and certainly would have lost much of their realism. Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, Ed Harris, and other prominent movie stars may not have had the chance to direct and star in these blockbusters, which relied on authentic reproductions to accurately portray American history. This newest 7th Edition Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms by John B. Allen is the only publication to cover almost all the major makes and models of black powder arms produced since 1959. Also included are today s high tech modern muzzleloaders described in detail, which are directly responsible for the resurgence in both black powder shooting and hunting. With detailed information, hundreds of images, and up-to-date values, including the newest black powder makes/models, this book is a must for shooters, hunters, reenactors, history buffs, and collectors