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Bayonets Of The World (Kiesling)


Bayonets Of The World (Kiesling)

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The new, extended and improved edition of an indispensable reference work! Bayonets of the World was originally published from 1972 to 1976 in four volumes and 35 years later it is still the standard reference work by which all other books on the subject are measured.

Author Paul Kiesling owned one of the largest and finest collections of bayonets of the world. He combined his collection, extensive knowledge and drawing talents with those of other important collectors and museums, and composed the best and most reliable book on the subject. This new publication, Bayonets of the World – The Complete Edition, contains all drawings and information from the original version, but is extended with new information and drawings, arranged into 47 national chapters, depicting and describing over 1100 bayonets by country.

Further, this new edition contains indices on markings, manufacturers, lengths, and countries. This book is the best and most complete publication on the subject ever.