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Archery Mechanics DVD


Archery Mechanics DVD

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Archery Mechanics DVD – Eberhart Schupback & Clark

“Archery Mechanics” simply put is an in depth , comprehensive, easy to understand DVD covering all aspects of bows and accessories for them, as well as proper shooting instruction. It gives the pros and cons of different bows and accessories, such as; riser styles, limb styles, brace heights, axle designs, poundage and energy, string angles, sights, rests, releases, wrist straps, peeps, silencers, loops, quivers stabalizers, broadheads, arrows, fletchings, targets, and more. On the instructional shooting side it covers; properly measuring your own draw length at home, proper shooting form, proper grip and follow through, properly drawing the bow, properly finding out your dominant eye, properly fitting a release aid, properly shooting from an elevated stand, and how to calculate your bows energy. It ends with a 15 minute segment of walking a new shooter through the learning process with a professional instructor. We went out of our way not to look like we were endorsing any brands or manufacturers. This DVD is a must watch for all shooters and hunters of every level.