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Africa with Stick & String


Africa with Stick & String

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Where can you bowhunt up to 10 big game species at a time and expect to shoot half a dozen or more animals during a 10-day bowhunt?  The answer is Africa!  Africa is a bowhunter’s paradise and many adventurous bowhunters are beginning to realize the treasures that await them there.  The number and variety of big game species you should see on a typical safari are mind-boggling including some rather large ones.  For example, while I was waiting in a tree stand a couple of years ago in Zimbabwe, a herd of 25 elephants came into water at dusk.  They were drinking and splashing in the water just 10 to 20 yards from his perch.  Talk about exciting!  On the same hunt, my hunting partner, Darren, practically had a rhino join him in his pit blind.  Can you pick a spot?